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35 Years

In 35 years since his murder, there has never been an anniversary that I have not been at his grave and memorial site.

This 35th anniversary for some reason is particularly painful. Talking to Mary Ann this morning, we both have no words, none. We sit in silence, as we remember that crisp, cool October morning.

No one knows this pain better than Mary Ann and Chelsea. We pray for their peace and comfort.
Leon would want us to remember that life goes on, please meet his grandson Parker! Pictured to your right.

Even though he will never know his papa in this lifetime, he has Leon’s ever encouraging smile.
As the attacks on our blue brothers and sisters increase, it adds fuel to his memory and his ultimate sacrifice, let us pledge our prayers and support for all Officers that stand that line.

Never forget, Trooper Leon Bench #697.

Trooper Ken Stafford, #765 Retired

Active Shooter Classes

Our Active Shooter Instructors teach 2 hours of curriculum specific to a church, school, or mixed non-profit environment.

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Trooper Leon Bench’s Legacy

Our Foundation was founded in honor of Oklahoma State Trooper Leon Bench.

Our Mission
• Through education and implementation of safety measures, to prevent the loss of life or injury to the innocent victims of active shooter events and other critical incidents that occur in our schools, colleges, places of worship and nonprofit service organizations. The Foundation will fund classroom training on how to recognize the traits of an Active Shooter before an incident and then how to react if an actual incident occurs. The foundation will receive and fund grants for installation of safety measures and equipment for non-profits that lack sufficient funding for these needs. 

• To fund purchases of much needed equipment for Law Enforcement agencies across Oklahoma that submit grant requests for specific items they need and that their budgets can’t fund. Grant awarding is based on the need of the agency and their inability to fund desperately needed safety equipment for their Officers.

• To provide maintenance and upkeep for the monument and grounds at the memorial erected in Trooper Bench’s honor on State Highway 97 north of Sapulpa.

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